Hey guys and gals,
So my band is new to the recording studio and we just released some new songs. This is't a "Check my band out!" post, dont worry, otherwise i would have posted in the Advertise your band section. But since we're kind of new to this stuff, I was wondering if you could give one of our tracks a listen and see what needs to be improved and what we can do to fix it? (like more vocals, maybe compression, etc). Feedback would be much appreciated! Thank you!

Musically, sounds good, the vocals need to come up. Guitar tone sounds good for this style of music....Perhaps more Bass but its all recorded well. Actually I think the whole track needs to be a bit louder along with the Vocals being raised as well. Otherwise it sounds awesome, mixed very well. Good Job.

If you wanna c4c here be it https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1494508
Very cool sound - I also agree vocals could come up a bit and total loudness but otherwise rocking
Nice song. The vocals need to be louder, add some compression as well. Bass needs to be a bit louder too. Guitars could be mixed better, but not bad. Overall a cool song, good songwriting.
Alright, thank you for all who replied! We're definitely going to remix this track and make the vocals up, add some compression and a bit more bass. thank you so much for the feedback! It really helps
Let me know if any of you need feedback on your own tracks! Will gladly help