So I play acoustic guitar in standard tuning but I also capo that bitch up. Recently I've found it tends to be about fret 5. I had a brain wave/meltdown.

I tuned up to G standard but I don't know how good that is for the neck/intonation. If I could swap the Low E for an A (and so on) would that work? Also, what would I do for my high E (soon to be high A) or would the tension also destroy itself? I had a good google about but only came back with 1 result of what I wanted which was no help in itself.

tl;dr: How should I get an A standard tuning without a capo?

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You need to use super light strings else you would destroy your acoustic.
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A high A is notoriously hard to achieve on an electric guitar standpoint, i've never heard it on an acoustic before. Could you manipulate the tuning slightly so you wouldn't be tuning to an extra high string?

A(2)DGCEA(4) is your implied tuning right? Either look into alterations or the only other option is Octave4plus strings, not too sure what they would be like on an acoustic, but it's probably worth dropping them a line?