Hey guys thought I'd share this build I did for someone, just finished it today.

The guys a big Muse fan, and so this is based off one of Matt Bellamy's guitars, a mason delorian, didn't want to copy it exactly, but its pretty close to the general idea, with a few changes here and there.

2 Piece alder body
4mm aluminium top roughed up
Silver cracked paint finish on the back.
Maple neck, rosewood f/b, aluminium headstock and heel plates
Aluminium backplates
TOM bridge, grover tuners
1x P90, 1x Hum, 3 way selector, 3 way toggle killswitch, 1V, 1T.
Routed for fuzz factory and phase 90 boards to go in the back, yet to source those and put them in.


Won't it be heavy?

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Nah no kaoss pad, this model never had one so didn't go for that, but as I say as soon as we can get a fuzz factory here soon that'll be going in. Sounds pretty nice, the P90 is fairly mellow compared to the hum so it seems to get a good range of tones and is really quite crisp sounding, I can only assume thats due to the Aly top.

It's not really heavy at all, it's only 4mm Aly at best, and the body was only 30mm before that was added so you'd have to be a bit of a softy to find it heavy. I just used a whole lot of good old epoxy to glue the Aly down, worked a treat.