Hi all,

Heres a song of mine entitled "Luminosity". This is from my solo project, Frequency Void.

This track is going to be featured on an E.P. I'm currently recording, which will be released later this year. It's an instrumental track.

The video is in the "About Roast" section on my profile: Clicky here

It's also up on Youtube here

If you like what you hear, you can check out the rest of the tracks on my website the Facebook page, and Reverbnation

C4C, please POST A LINK to your thread, and I can crit your recording too.

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i really love the tone in this song, and the playing is pretty much perfect.
some really cool compositional ideas going on here, with cool blending of riffs and whatnot.

still, i reckon you draw out the intro longer than necessary, and only slight changes are made to the riffs each time you introduce a new section. in order to capture the complexity and musicianship of post rock and prog, you really need to bring in some dynamics, tone variety and complex rhythms, as these are what will appeal to the prog/post rock audience.

overall, the recording and composition is very well done, and the drums (programmed right?) fit the piece well. all i suggest is a bit more variety

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Really nice rhythm section, they sound great. The bass has a nice oomph and really gives it a great sound. The rhythm guitar is a little too gain driven which makes it sound a little weaker, less gain and more bass and middle with a little reverb and a raise in the mix would do it some good. The lead is cool. Okay it's starting to drag, I see it's changing, but the rhythm isn't changing which is what you look to do. The change at 2:30 is what I was looking for a lot sooner. You should also use dynamics a little more, it's been going full blast for 3 minutes now, you could of backed it up at some points which would increase the epicness of full blast. It sounds really good though you should just have more variation in it. C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1497221