so i was going through the local Craigslist today. A guy is selling a Peavey Mark III bass head and a cab with a 15'' Black Widow speaker in it for $175 firm. The head is rated 150 watts at 4 ohms. Would this be enough to play a smallish show? Say under 100 people? I play in a groove metal band with just one guitar player in it. Anyone got any info on it besides that? Should i pick it up? I'd really apprecaite any help. I'll post a link to the ad tonight. I'm on my phone right now until i get home from recording tonight.
Oh, and i'm currently playing a Fender MIM jazz bass and a Fender rumble combo. It sounds good for what we are playing, just worried it might not cut through at shows.
I probably wouldn't jump on it, it might not work afterwards.

But by all means buy it... depending on how loud your band plays, anyway. I've managed for years on a 150 watt 4 ohm setup into two 1x15" cabs in a band with one guitarist. It depends on how loud the rest of your band play.

That being said, I do DI into our PA and run quite loud through there too (our PA has 2x 1200 watt amps).

They are solid amps nonetheless, and that's a decent price.
well, the guitarist has a Randall solid state 120w head and Randall 4X12 cab he runs at about 5 or 6. Kinda necessary because our drummer isn't usually very subtle haha. But i'm managing to cut through at practice easily because i always play with a pick and tend to dial my mids up a bit. I think it's a Fender Rumble 100 combo i'm using at practice now.
Should work, and you can always get another cab. I recently saw an influx of Peavey mark IV heads on my craigslist at around $250 with cab etc to my grab at the head costing $40. A fellow member Din of Win, suggested the Mark III while older, and had a lower wattage, is a of the two the better buy for metal. Apparently it is the go to budget head for all doom metal bassists in the doom mecca of Maryland. I think it's supposed to have a raw and good overdriven sound.
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I probably wouldn't jump on it, it might not work afterwards.

I came in here to say that
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thanks guys. I'm not sure, it's a Peavey so it would probably survive me on it :P haha i ask about this because i have had 4 different types of amps from Peavey, none of which have let me down. Just seems it could be a solid amp until we start playing bigger shows. If anyone wants to look us up on facebook to hear a few really rough demos, the name is Desperate Nature
I would jump on this amp...

But seriously, Peavey is a good brand and dependable. Always worth getting.

Bass tones are hard to find.
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When it comes to stacks, a lot more volume comes from the surface area/conical efficiency/amount of air moved than pure wattage. A nice 4x12 or 8x10 through a 150W amp will be louder than a 1x15 with a 500+W amp.
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