What guitar pickups would be best for Drop C and lower?
I play ESP 100QM les paul (basswood) guitar
I play through a 50w tube amp, and the lowest tuning I play Drop A#
I want it to be clear and vivid, with a tight low end, and a good mid scream
So what pickup should I be looking into?
I play in B and sometimes A#. I have Duncan Distortions. I love them. Don't expect great cleans really (i have a 6505+, so its hopeless). Along with new pickups, you might also want to consider getting some type of overdrive. They really help to tighten everything up.
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Another +1 for duncans; I tune to C Standard and I use a JB in the bridge, and a '59 in the neck, and they do everything for me. I love the roaring distortion on the bridge with everything maxed, and I love the soft cleans i can get out of my JC120 on the neck with the tone knob rolled way off.
If you lack the money for BKP's, EMG X's, Blackouts... I can definitely vouch for the Duncan Distortion, especially with a mahogany body guitar. Mine is a Schecter C-1 Exotic with the DD in the bridge, and I usually play in B standar with 13-56 gauge strings, the amp being a 5150. I definitely have no chance for cleans with the 5150 and these pickups, but for downtuned high gain tones, man they slay, very articulate, tight and have a nice high-mid bark to them.
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