I wondered if anyone on this forum could help me out as I don't have much experience in this area.

So, my problem is this...

I decided to buy a Creamery Swing-O bridge humbucker for an old Blade Durango Classic I've had lying around unused for a few years now (I guess this model is discontinued now, but it's similar to this: http://www.bladeguitars.com/guitars/classic-series/ , mixed with the Durango models Blade make). On wiring the new pickup in, I noted that the old one, as well as the main wire connected to the tone pot, also had three smaller wires coming from it. My guess is that these were for the treble, mid, and bass controls - the guitar has an active circuit which requires a 9V battery, however this can be bypassed via a switch on the front, which makes the guitar have a standard, passive circuit. The new pickup obviously didn't have these additional three wires but I figured it would still be fine, I'd just have to always use the guitar in passive mode.

So, I soldered the new pickup to the same place the old one was in (actually I got a friend of mine who's a soldering expert to do it, so the likelyhood of the fault being caused by a bad connection is very low) but I get no signal from the bridge pickup. What's more bizzare to me is that now there's no signal when the pickup switch is in the middle position either - the middle pickup hasn't been tampered with at all and worked fine before. The neck is the only pickup that seems to work.

If it helps, I asked Blade for a wiring diagram for one of these guitars and they came back with the attached photo (they also said that any passive humbucker should work fine with the guitar).

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated, I'm completely stumped!

blade diagram.jpg
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http://www.seymourduncan.com/support/wiring-diagrams/schematics.php?schematic=1hum_2sing_1vol_1tone_5way This diagram will work (it's a pretty usual setup; a single-sized humbucker is wired exactly the same way as a normal humbucker), but make sure you know what wires do what on all your pickups.
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