So, today i was playing the new Need for Speed, and when a certain song starts playing, i thought "Hey, they have The Subways on the soundtrack! Cool."
But when the intro riff ended, i had a big surprise because it was a different song...

After a quick search, i discovered the song i listened to during the game was "Trigger On My Fire", by Black Pistol Fire.

Is it just my impression, or is the main riff pretty much the same in both songs?
Here are both songs:
The Subways - Oh Yeah
Black Pistol Fire - Trigger On My Fire

I'm not going to say that Black Pistol Fire ripped off The Subways, but even the drums sound extremely similar...
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There are only so many riffs out there. There are bound to be repeats.

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sounds to me like both bands copied every punk band that came before them
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OT: probably a coincidence.
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Yes, because these are not two of the most generic songs within that genre.

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