I'd like to replace the toggle switch on my PRS SE. I'm wanting to use a switch with an LED in the tip, and run wiring to the back and housing a second 9v battery to power it.

Unfortunately, these switches don't exist for guitars. However, doing custom automobile electronics, I do own a few SPDT switches with LED's. The problem lies in the construction of available guitar switches. All of the guitar switches are solid through the knob.

Has anyone ever seen this mod, or does anyone know of a switch that would work?

My PRS has a 3-way toggle switch.
This may be a stupid question but why jot use the car switch and just put that in your guitar?
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in an old peavey i had, the switch was a spdt switch, one pickup to each side, and the middle went to the output. Dunno if you could find a SPDT/DPDT with an led on?
you might wanna consider the LED adding unwanted noise to the guitar though
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