We did this in a real studio, Goldentone here in Gainesville. I can't believe we actually have a BACKER who is PAYING for this! He wants to do a video too, haha!

Big news, we now have a rough mix for the Crash Pad song "Pink Slip Rick." (The title is a reference to the rightwing Teabagger Governor of Florida.) It was gonna have slide and harp in the blank verse but that didn't gel and we ended up doing a lead guitar break instead. Which presented a bit of a problem, as I'd never even attempted to play lead on the song. Or even thought about it. We kept the third take, all of them totally improvised. No punch-ins. Ain't perfect but it works.

Pink Slip Rick kind of evolved. I thought it might need to be "sweetened" for mainstream consumption (thus I also did acoustic parts, on mando and 12-string, not used) and I even did a couple takes of singing like a regular human being, but Tim, our patron, wanted to just do the regular live-type punk rock vocal, so that's what's down. I didn't do a single punch-in (instruments or vocals) last night! Two takes, pick one, haha!

Listen, if you dare, and lemme know the true depth of its awfulness! Can be downloaded to torture your friends!