Hey UG! Getting ready to start an amp build and I'm looking for some advice on modding the original design.
I'm using the Euthymia draw up of a stock Epiphone VJ amp http://www.rawbw.com/~emiller/Euthymia/DIY/VJstock.jpg
I'm using 2 Sovtek 12AX7WC's and a JJ EL84 (yay for low price tubes!). I'm modding the design to add tone controls as well as a normal volume and a master volume (to naturally drive the tubes).
My main question is how would I go about increasing the wattage? Add more power tubes? More preamp tubes? Both? And also how would I modify the circuitry to do so.
My most important question is how do I build the power supply? I can see the diodes that make up the rectifier at the bottom but I'm unsure what the part numbers are for the diodes (D1-4)?
Finally, what are the T1 and T2? I believe they're transformers but again, imunsure of how to build them.
Any and all help would be appreciated!
Thanks UG!