I had to tell the story a gig for a course at school ages ago, and now I need to gather opinions on it. Any responses, however positive or negative are welcome, and anyone who participates wins a pat on the back and good karma. Anyway, this is it:

My band, Careless Chemistry, had a gig at The Vista in Spalding. While waiting for our unreliable vocalist, we bought some cotton buds (long story) and chips. Eventually, she called half an hour before the gig, and it turns out she’d been asleep at her boyfriend’s house. After teaching her a new song at the last minute in the green room, we played our set, which was well received by a good crowd. Later, we talked to another local band, Half Infinity, who we ended up playing many gigs with. Also, we met a journalist for Art & Soul magazine named Anne-Marie Wyer, who is influential in the Peterborough music scene. After finding bands suitable for us to play with and further discussions, she offered us a gig at District 7, on the 8th April.

After a change of vocalist and more gigs, it was the day of our District 7 gig. Once we had an uninspiring day at school, we disembarked on our journey to Peterborough. The car wasn’t too spacious, with my dad driving, me, Dylan and Steve, combined with a guitar amp, bass amp, half a drum kit, my guitar, Steve’s bass and plenty of cables. When we got there we learned that we were going to be playing third out of four bands, which was much better than the opening slot we expected. After a chat with Anne-Marie, watching the other bands soundcheck and a band discussion, we decided to call our management company to tell them we didn’t want to work with them any longer, because they had given us minimal help in 3 months and we could easily escape the contract.First, Pilot The Sky and The Bones Index played. Both were good local bands. During the second band, Anne-Marie informed us that Centre Excuse (who were supposed to headline) wanted to play next and give us the prestigious headlining slot. Centre Excuse, a three piece band from Stamford, gave an energetic set. The guitarist managed to play the entire first song before noticing that his amp wasn’t turned on, somehow. However, we did feel under pressure to put on a more entertaining show than Centre Excuse, who had more gigging experience and are currently doing extremely well in a national competition due to a large, dedicated fanbase. While we soundchecked, almost the entire crowd went to the bar to get drinks or stand outside. When we got the nod to start from the sound engineer, we started our set with very few people watching the stage, but within the first few songs we managed to encourage the majority of the people who were in and outside the building up to the barrier in front of the stage. Also, I wasn’t expecting a random woman to come on the stage and kiss me in between songs. We delivered our most energetic and best set to date, which got a good crowd response. This was especially true when we played one of our newer songs entitled Well Helloooooooooo, in which the crowd spontaneously jumped without any encouragement for a significant portion. During this song, I began coughing violently, an illness I had for many weeks. As I was coughing repeatedly into my shoulder and tears were streaming down my face, Steve decided to introduce me to the crowd and give me all the attention just before my solo part. It was extremely difficult to see what I was playing and concentrate on it as I was still continuously coughing, but apparently it sounded fine.Another thing worth mentioning was Anne-Marie’s bubble blowing skills during our set, which are second to none and served as a suitable replacement for stage lighting. When she wasn’t blowing bubbles, she was taking photos of our performance. Also, our covers of Downfall Of Us All and Weightless were well received and many people in the crowd were singing along, and one girl was mimicking my guitar part. There were also a few people random walking on the stage and dancing (possibly drunk), which was entertaining. Towards the end of our set, some people in the crowd climbed on each other’s shoulders.With two songs left on our planned setlist, Steve asked the sound engineer how much time we had left, hoping we might be able to play a few more songs. However, the venue turns into a club shortly after 10pm, so we only had time for one more song in the end. Because of this, we had to miss out BOOM! Goes The Dynamite, which is one of my favourite songs. Instead, we skipped straight to the energetic finale of Nature’s Reserve. A projector showing the videos for the club were projected on to Dylan’s face about half way through the song, which amused me because of how random the video was. When we finished the song, we gave out high fives to the people who were in the front row, then packed away. After we had cleared the stage, we talked to Centre Excuse and agreed to gig together in the future. We received positive comments from many people in the venue, and people who had seen us perform many times before said it was our best performance yet. Anne-Marie said she would keep us in mind for future gigs when bands with a similar style play at venues where she can influence the line-up. By the time I got home, there had already been some microblogging taking place related to the gig. Some people from other bands, Art & Soul and people who watched had all tagged my band in their Facebook statuses.Also, Anne-Marie posted a review on the Art & Soul website, where reviews are rare.The following day, Danni’s mum uploaded some videos she had recorded during our set to YouTube. It was especially interesting to watch our performance of Well Helloooooooooo, as I was not convinced that I had managed to play accurately while coughing.
you really expect me to read all that?
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Also, too many sentences starting with "also,". Also, paragraphs.
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Your post was over 1000 words. Can you write my paper for my comp class?

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I don't understand why people bitch about reading it all. It took me about a minute

But yeah. Paragraphs. Not just three.
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Read the whole thing. Sounded like a fun night, but I was unsure as to why I was reading and now I want that few minutes of my life back.
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I read all of it.

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dirtbag ballet by the bins down the alley
as i walk through the chalet of the shadow of death
everything that you've come to expect