I've tried searching for another thread for someone who has a similar problem but I couldn't find one.
I have a Peavey 6505+ head. And It keeps cutting in and out. I'll be playing something distorted, and all of a sudden it will cut out to a really quiet clean setting. It will stay this way until I nudge the end of the cable that is in my input. I've tried it with multiple cables to see if my cable was broken, but it seems to be my head.

Anybody have any information about what's wrong/what I can do?
the jack isn't making good a good connection with the plug. it will need to be replaced
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Have you tried it with other guitars? It could be the output jack on your guitar - that will do the same thing you're describing.
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I've tried it with other guitars and it still does it. Also tried my guitar on different amps and it works fine. How much would something like this cost to replace?
A jack won't cost you more than $3. It's the "labor" that will bite you in the ass.

I'd say replace it yourself, if you're comfortable with opening up your amp. Just be careful not to touch any caps.
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