Real Name:
allen or augusto or larry


Coyoacán, Mexico City

Favourite Artists:
of Montreal, elliott smith, WHY?, the beach boys, syd barrett, beach house, ximena sariñana, paul mccartney, the beatles, bob dylan, sparklehorse, pink floyd, the kinks, sonic youth, the silver jews, bright eyes, serge gainsbourg, saul williams, portishead, philip glass, okkervil river, nirvana, nmh, pharrell williams, the mountain goats, modest mouse, mirah, chopin, the libertines, midlake, leonard cohen, julio sosa, joaquín sabina, immortal technique, descartes a kant and more.

Most Inspirational Writer:
césar vallejo, julio cortázar, jorge luis borges, jean paul sartre, tristan tzara, arthur rimbaud, federico garcía lorca, jack kerouac, tao lin, james joyce and many more. i am inspired by a lot of stuff differently. sometimes i am more inspired by the life of certain artists than by their works themselves.

Favourite poem (published writer):
rima IV (i think) by Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer was one of the first poems that inspired me. it was on a textbook in middle school. it was basically a 'hmmm... so this is poetry' moment. i had never been into reading or literature until then. it's a sort of cheesy poem dealing with how there will always be poetry, as long as there's everything else that inspires it: the sunshine, the scents of spring, soulful love, etc.

oda a las cosas by Pablo Neruda is another good, good one. it made me go 'shit, so poetry is not just about the romantic stuff, it can also be pretty crazy and quirky'. 'i love things...'

some of lorca taught me the basics of surrealism.

that reminds me: TRISTAN TZARA'S dadaists manifestos. seriously, reading that shit was like taking acid for the first time and being left locked up in the bookstore of an artmuseum, which happens to be next to a kindergarten. it basically changed my philosophy in regards to art in general. love, love, humanity. there's some weird people out there.

plenty of other stuff too, specially modern. i love me some good ol fresh posmodernism.

Why Do You Write:
i write for many reasons. i think they can be divided into two main reasons.

the inner one & the outer one.

the inner reason is basically self expression and exploration. i write to express myself, to find myself and to know myself. i've no idea where everything i write comes from. i feel like there's just this thing inside me, inexplicable, l'ennui, my sadness, my love for everything, nihilism, i don't know, i've been carrying it for quite a few lives. it eats me up and it manifests itself in the real world.

the outer reason is (this whole part might sound a bit arrogant or egocentric) is because i believe i have something inside me which, if shared, can bring something to the other people. everytime someone interacts with a work of art (or anything really) something is born. it is not the author's, but it is not the audience's either. it is something magical, something that didn't exist before. the 'shit, nice painting', the 'man, boring read', etc. it is just really special to me, the communication between my mind and your mind fueled by the object in the physical world. idk, i wrote a whole manifesto on this stuff.

Favourite word(s):
ouuhh. i like words. i like languages too. i like words for different reasons, i like some words because of the way they look written down, i like words because of the sounds and the feelings they give off and the subtle funnyness they carry, i don't like some words because they have too many e's (specially in spanish), others are just awesome.
here's a list of good ones:
poitrine (chest in french)
supón (imperative of suppose, in spanish)

i'm forgetting a lotttttt. i honestly was writing a list of 'words i find interesting and cool' one time. i've no idea where it is now, but i like a lot of words, though i also hate how they limit our thought proccess.

Favourite Writer(s) on UG:
i read all of the regulars, the ones that have come and gone, all and everyone, i love reading some of you. skagitup, arthur curry, something_vague, phantom1, we have sound. the hurt within, alaskan_ninja, *truly ninja*, NGD1313, jiminizzle, rushmore, vintage x metal, plus a lot more, really mostly all of you i've had the pleasure to read through the years, i like how everyone has their own style and shit.

Most Helpful Critic:
i don't know, lol. i like ganoosh.

What Do You Do Especially, to Find Inspiration:
i don't do a lot. inspiration has never been a problem for me, motivation on the other hand has. there's always stuff inside our heads, just waiting to be realeased. always. it's just a matter of turning on the lights in your head and making sense of it all, you'll soon start finding poems laying around the insides of your drawers, between dirty socks, next to an empty bottle of brandy.

these days i rarely go outside. i spent my time living in a prolongued fantasy of poorly-understood platonic texts and pop art. funnily i've been writing a lot. it's just everywhere.

Your Most Recent Work and the Reason Behind It:
"día de muertos" - just read it again now, it deals with some of the topics i mentioned a few paragraphs back. the 'inner search' for 'one's self. i'm scared sometimes. it talks about reincarnation and the implications of it. ex: heart's catatomb of wishes from the beginning of days, serpent bite stitches, moldy throat, nightmares inside lungs, sonnets, etc. "día de muertos" is a mexican holiday which celebrates the life (or death) of people. i've always been alive and that scares me. this existence is just one of many. and that scares me too. i don't remember where i was buried last time. this poem just wrote itself i think (like a lot of my stuff).

Tips for Newer Writers:
i copied these answers from dylan's last wotm, and he says in this part:
"Stay relevant. You live in a world of atheism and social media, not the pope and Yeats AB rhyming" and i agree with that. in a way at least. ART should be a mirror, one that reflects the present, what you are feeling now and what you are seeing, you don't live in a forest with muses. write about you and your surroundings. what's the point of writing some shitty sonnet that could've been written two hundred years ago? i honestly value actuality and the representation of reality a whole lot. along with style- because you have a way of seeing things that is different from my way of seeing things and you are seeing different things than me and if you can express that (your 'reality') faithfully in your art, then you are doing something right.

also, rhyming is okay.
haters gonna hate

being 'limited', paradoxically, sometimes opens your posibilities. just don't get too caught up with them.

What’s your goal in writing:
to be able to portray my thoughts in an accurate manner (i do a lot of experimentation)
to be famous and read and a cultural phenomenon in the art world
to publish a book at least
to go to my teachers and be like 'hey, i'm a writer now'
and probably the most profound and important one:
to not have to write

(but that wouldn't be as fun, now
would it?)

Final Comments or Thoughts:
well, this is the first time i've ever won this and i really feel happy. i think this past month has been a great month in my 'art life'. i've been publishing some articles on various topics. i've written some stuff i like. i painted something the other day. i went to this become-a-CLOWN course thing and it was awesome. i also saw portishead live. plus many other stuff, i've been writing like crazy seriously. i don't post much because most of it is in spanish, but yeah.

thanks to everyone that's been reading my stuff through the years. really, thanks to this community as a whole. i've been posting here for more than five years, shit, this place has seen a lot of stuff. i came here posting 'political raps' and love songs about no one in particular. i've grown here. and so have we all. and i think that's awesome. this is such a nice place. really valuable. honestly thanks everyone for being a part of this and for letting me be a part of it. i really don't want to get all sentimental and shit, haha.


"A veces en las tardes una cara nos mira desde el fondo de un espejo; el arte debe ser como ese espejo que nos revela nuestra propia cara" - Jorge Luis Borges

will/might edit a different one soon. here's a picture of me my roomate tweeted half an hour ago

You have deserved this for such a long time.

Oh, and Tristan Tzara's manifestos are awesome!
Today I feel electric grey
I hope tomorrow, neon black
Grats sir!

Probably one of the most interesting questionnaires to read as well.

"Success is as dangerous as failure. Hope is as hollow as fear." - from Tao Te Ching

it's stunning that this is the first time you've won this. i've always admired your work and you completely deserve this. congrats Allen.