Are Zildjian cymbal packs a good investment for a drumkit that has no cymbals at all yet? I like the sound of the cymbals on them, but would it be a better idea to buy separate cymbals in your opinion?

Thanks guys.
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Depends on what you need really.

If it ain't broke don't fix it, so why buy a new pack if you already like your cymbals (Thinking about it, I know why for me haha).

But yeah, generally they are a good investment, and buying cymbals separately doesn't hurt either depending on what you want to get.
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Depends on the cymbal pack and what you want.

I bought a (used) Zildjian A Custom pack when I upgraded my kit, and I quickly found that I didn't like the small crash because it was too bright, I didn't like the hi-hats because they were super clanky and I didn't like the ride because it was harsh in the highs and the bell was too high pitched. I still have the 16" crash and use it as my main crash and absolutely LOVE that cymbal, and have since bought a 17" A Custom to go with it, but I replaced all the rest of them with cymbals I'm far more happy with.
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If you're really looking for specific sounds in each cymbal, buy them separately. Never buy a cymbal without hearing it first. If you're not too picky and not buying top of the line products, buying a pack is no problem. The companies who make them match the contents sonically (or so they say) so that you get complimentary combinations between each cymbal. The most important things to match are the hi-hats and the ride IMO, so if you're looking at a package with both, make sure they sound good together and if they don't, buy one separately.

Good luck and happy drumming.
i mix a few meinl with a few Zildjian A's, seems to sound pretty nice. i really like the 13" Zildjain hats i have, i like the 22" "A" ride, i like meinl soundcaster crashes better though.

i am in need of a ton of other stuff, or i would totally go nuts and buy $2k cymbals for my two kits. i need to put a basic recording rig together and a mid-large PA, as well as about another thousand on two pedals and tubes.
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