I have a line 6 UX1 and garageband, but I have no idea how to record my Blackstar HT-40 Club amp into my UX1. I see alot of people use a microphone in front of the amp. Does anybody know which microphone is regarded as the "go to" when it comes to recording? I'd say my budget would be around 200 max.
SM57, its $100

Though I'd try using Pod Farm that comes with the UX1 since it sounds like you are a little new to recording.
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I'll look into that, thanks! I'm still very new. I've been messing around with PodFarm but the sounds always pale in comparison to my amp. I'm not sure what it is, I just feel like all the amp sounds sound boring even though the effects in that program are awesome. My guitar seems to just sound very different through my amp than it does when it's plugged in through my interface
I should clarify that I do understand that the amp will sound very different to the simulated ones (since they're modeled after other amps) but my guitar pickups seem to have a bell/chime-like quality that gets lost through PodFarm
use a sm57 for your amp. and try too add some podfarm amps within your mixes
Pretty much an SM57 and some knowledge of microphone placement, there are plenty of tutorials around to help, ranging from incredibly detailed to just enough to get by.
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