I had a thread a little while ago about an ENGL E530 vs. ADA MP-1, but I closed it because I accidentally was over-posting (oops!). Anyways, I thought I had decided on an ENGL E530, but then I found the POD HD Pro and I wondered "How would that sound through a good poweramp?" So, I figure I'll ask you knowledgeable folks at UG GG&A for some advice.

Should I go with the ENGL E530 or a Line 6 POD HD Pro? I plan to run it through my 5150 as a poweramp until I get a rack case and all that stuff. I like the ENGL because it's a tube preamp, but I like the versatility of the POD. However, tone is what matters! I'm mainly a rhythm player in a death metal band. That being said, I still need a tight tone with good bottom end that doesn't sound plastic-y.

EDIT: Basically, which will sound better and benefit me most in the long run?
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ENGL, no comparison whatsoever.
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^this get the engl
but you will have a hard time getting some bass-ey tones out of it
listen to e530's review by benjamin legucha on youtube you will fall in love with it and you wont dare posting a vs thread again
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