So basically, I was just messing around looking for some new songwriting ideas on guitar, then I got these 2 very strange chords on my guitar, i'm not too sure of the key, it sounds quite a bit like A Major kind of thing, i'm not entirely sure, but I'd just like more of a second opinion on this.
These two chords:
Eighth notes------------------------------------------------------------------->
i know the first is like a gsus2add6 something like that and the second is a bm9.
any idea's on what key and how it resolves?
thanks for any help.
and i know the chords will look messed up, but that's just for the kinda context i'd put it into.
D major. your chords are Dmaj9/G and Bm9.
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Gmaj13 (no 3rd) - Bm9

IV - vi in D Major or

A13sus4/G - Bm9

V/d - vi in D Major (Deceptive Cadence)

Taking the second one in to account, I think this sound awesome fingestyle.

Lol, I like chord threads.


Bm11 (no 3rd)
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