when i pick with my right ring finger its very uncomfortable, does anyone else have this problem? and how can i fix it?
Is it physically uncomfortable, as in you feel a bit of pain? Or do you just not feel comfortable doing it? The latter is true for me, so I just use my middle and index fingers to do all my finger picking.
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There's bound to be a drummer here that can help you, otherwise check YouTube for tutorial vids.
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^^^See! Told ya so!
it just feels weird man... like i shouldnt be doing it, but i feel like if i need to learn because i always do what you do, only use the middle and index
Second that. If you're just learning, it's normal for it to feel a little weird. Picking with the ring finger definitely takes more practice than the index and middle fingers, but I think it's worth it to build all three up.
Yes it's just practice. Try and keep your fingers close to strings, and the pre-knuckles rounded, keep the hand and fingers relaxed.

Play slowly to the point where you can't make a mistake and feels entirely natural. Muscle memory.

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Edit: Guitar Techniques thread and sticky, or justinguitar.com

Justinguitar has an entire course on fingerpicking and it's great (and free). Check it out here: JustinGuitar Fingerstyle Course

I know he calls it a folk fingerstyle course, but it'll get your fingerpicking in shape no matter what genre you want to play.