sounds like a very good deal for a USA tele.

i've recently bought a strat with an ash body, the tone sounds the same or even better than alder body strats i've had previously. the main thing i noticed was the distinctly lighter weight as soon as i picked it up.
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i googled and found this response in a thread. i luld.

After years of analysis of thousands of players' observations, the following two definitive facts have emerged:

1. Those who play ash-bodied Teles say that it makes a difference and ash sounds better.

2. Those who play alder-bodied Teles say that it makes no real difference.

i'd say if a usa tele is worth the asking price and it plays nice, go for it. i'm not versed on your local market pricing. ash v alder is long debated, neither is bad. ash is preferred by many.