I kind of suck at naming genres... but here's a song I composed and partially recorded when I was really drunk one night. Then I added orchestration/guitar solo the next day. However, as it contains both distorted guitars and a lot of different strings/flutes I guess it's... symphonic rock? You decide!

Anyway, here's the piece: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grrkBYhQA7I

I'm quite new at composing things like this, normally I just do regular rock songs. So this is kind of uncharted territory for my part, whereas your honest opinion/criticism is of very high value to me!
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It sounds good but i could see it moving a lot of directions and to me it just, well, remained stagnant. I kept waiting for it to "drop" so to speak and it never did. It kept building up tension but it never resolved itself for me. Musically its fine though. Well done.