I've become really interested in trying out a seven string guitar lately. I don't play metal or any other genre that would necessitate drop tuning or anything, although I do play jazz. Do extended range guitars usually work for blues music? Meaning, would I be able to utilize the lower range enough/properly for it to be worth it?

On an unrelated note, I was offered an old (but beautiful) Ventura (V-23b, I think) acoustic guitar from the 1970's. I can't play it to try before I buy, so does anyone have an opinion or know about the brand?

Thanks much!
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Just the 7 string part. I started playing guitar on a 7 string, and it takes some creativity to use it. But if you know how to be creative, then you can use it to be an awesome 7 string jazz player.
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Yeah, 7 string guitars can be used in all kinds of music not just metal. I had one for a while and I loved having the extended range and the opportunity for new/weird chord structures. They're fun :-)
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That's really a personal question. It's up to you to utilise the extended range.

Can anyone do it for any style of music? Sure. Can you do it specifically? Dunno, you'll have to play it and find out. Two years on and I'm still unlocking everything my eight-string can do. I don't think it'll end.
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