Not to be rude, but googling "Custom truss rod cover" yields dozens of relevant sites.
Please don't think that wasn't my first step. I didn't find any that looked great to me. I know I've seen a better site before, so I thought maybe the community would recommend one.
Really? My second result was shark inlay who do fantastic work, and the guy who runs it posts here,


You havent said what you want custom about your truss rod cover?

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Anyone know where I can custom order a truss rod cover?

Make one. Buy a small sheet of acrylic perspex (3mm thickness) and cut one out yourself. Use a file and sandpaper to finish.
Boy, I'm jumping into this thread late. I been really busy lately and sort of ignoring my forums. My bad. Yeah, check out my tcovers. I make pretty much anything you can dream up.