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John wayne was a painter and an entertainer
But im not talking about the same john wayne that you think im talking bout
Im talking bout the guy who raped and murdered children dressed as a clown
And While he may possibly be the pinnacle of human degeneracy,*his paintings were actually quite well recieved, publicly.
A guy who raped and killed children has successfully sold more of creativity than me and that actually makes me a bit bitter. Because aside from the obvious reasons why tjis mans brain probably shouldnt be considered as entertaining his work is really shitter than so many other hardworking artists. store some cadavers in your garden if you want to be famous for any little hobby or creative folly think is the message here.
Its loud and clear.*
More sick more depraved more inhuman. More bodies equals more coverage equals more dubious fame equals more cash money feeding frenzy when they go to auction.
And moneys not important, Its all about acceptance, its a vindication of past indescretions.*
Its a twisted justification for a very existence, a vocal and expensive insistence of importance, youll either abstractly burn yourself into into *the consciousness as something beautiful, on some palatable frequency, Or conversely and more likely youll be a beacon of morbid curiosity, which im sure most people would agree, is something this species loves for some reason.

Art is stupid.
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wow, I agree, but why???

anyway great piece, I like its direction. a couple typos. "into" repeated twice. thought I saw something else too, but not sure. either way, good read
I have a friend in art college at the moment and he says it's a crock of shit. He almost failed in his final exam, even though he put days and days of work into his piece, while the guy that earned a distinction created some inartistic, hipster piece of shit that no one could understand until he told them what it was. Of course, that meant he was on another level of intelligence, a higher one, and we were all just sheep following the masses who try to work hard and develop interesting ideas that are coherent and obviously have a lot of heart and soul.
I have two friends who went to art school and who make a living in the field of their study. Granted, it's a pretty shitty living in both their cases, but their jobs are really cool.

Oh, and I thought the poem was a vague, pedantic rant with little merit as a poem, although the bit about being bitter about John Gacy's art career was droll.

Nothing to see here. Move along.
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Have you ever taken the life of an animal before?.

I so hope you were looming in a shadow when you asked that question.

I think its clear. A person would be better prepared for a future career in art if they spent their time burning cats, instead of just practicing a craft. It takes a lot less effort.
Its a perfectly viable way of drumming up consumer interest.
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