Does anyone know the difference between hard, medium, and soft tubes? I talked to a guy at my local store and he has no clue. Any one want to shed a little light on this?
Can't say I've heard of that terminology before. Possibly referring to the gain rating of various valves?
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I was thinking the same thing but when you go to an online website like Musiciansfriend or sweet water they have that listed. I know not to buy off line but I just want to know what this means.
So if iI'm understanding this correctly then for some thing more high gain. Hard would be better do to head room. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
That's a loaded question. For a high gain amp like a Peavey or a Mesa, yes, you'd want hard tubes. Those amps are designed to run the power tubes quite clean, and get all the distortion from the preamp. To get earlier gain, and perhaps a little more gain overall, out of a vintage style non-master volume amp like a Plexi, you'd want soft tubes.

More headroom = more clean volume from the power tubes.
Thanks for that explanation. So the break up is when distortion is added from the tube and hard tubes have more cleans in them because they don't break up as soon. That info helps a lot thank you.