Hello all,
once again I am asking you for some opinions. With your help, I have at home "new" RG570ex and I would like to buy to this baby some cool pickups. I wanted to have this guitar bit more universal, but at the end, I guess I end with some higher output pups in both humbucker position.

The bridge could be possibly GFS Crunchy Rails, which is a substitution for X2N, I believe and big question is the neck humbucker. I would like to have something ok for cleaner stuff, but also metal. prefering more highs and mids, but need the "roundy" tone. If you listen to the solo of Drudkh: Only the Wind Remembers My Name you can hear that ooooo roundy sound with some notes. I am pretty sure it is some neck bumbucker (maybe in alder wood though, not sure).


What pup would give me a similar tone? Also what single coil could be fine for cleans, blues/jazz stuff?

Maybe something like GFS VEH or Fat Pat could give me that. I know those should be clones of famous pups with almost identical sound and are cheap.

Thanks a lot.
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