Schecter Sunset 7 in Blood Red

Swamp Ash Body
1 Piece Maple Neck
Rosewood Fingerboard
Bolt-on 25.5 Scale
Dimarzio Evolution Pickups
1 Vol/1 Push-Pull Tone
Sperzel Locking Tuners
Stainless Steel Bridge
6100 Jumbo Frets
3 Way Toggle

First off I didn’t get this guitar spec’d and built. I bought it from one of my mates who works for Schecter. He has a huge array of custom
guitars so he agreed to sell me one since I was looking for a high end 7 string. Its about 13 years old and is in flawless condition.
As soon as I picked this up it just felt perfect in my hands and is without a doubt the nicest guitar I’ve ever played. The quality of the
Schecter custom shop is incredible.

Tonally this guitar is bright but still has a warm high end because of the choice of woods. My friend describes it perfectly: “The mix of tone woods produces a clear, articulate and dynamic sound with a fast percussive attack response.” The sustain is incredible even on the high strings so bends just sing. What I really like about this guitar is riffing on the
low E and B. Their is so much clarity on every fret and notes cut off as soon as you want to. Its almost like their is a noise gate in the guitar.

Playability wise its awesome. The really low action and smooth frets make the fretboard lightening fast. The neck is a bit thicker than on my Hellraiser because its more of a C shape but it still feels very comfortable.

I really like the Evo 7s. When trying it through a Diezal Tube head the low-end was incredibly tight and clear while the high notes had no harshness to them. I usually never use the bridge for soloing but I’ve started using a lot more now since it doesn’t have that brittle harshness that some 7 string pickups have. They have a very Vai/Gilbert sound to them but are still perfect for techy modern metal. They only make up a
very small part of the tone though since its mainly down to the wood quality.

I recored a video last night of the Dissimulation solo by Born of Osiris. This isn’t going to give a good idea of the sound since its just a quickly dialed in Pod Farm tone but I’ll have better videos/samples up soon!

Dear god that's pretty. Don't like the heel... but that's preference... but my god that's nice. HNGD man!
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Damn, that is a sexy finish. and the headstock is awesome! enjoy, sir.
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I'm not sure if I love that headstock or hate it...

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nice, dont see many custom schecters around hngd
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gorgeous!! dont see many schecter customs and i love it!

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Nice finish, but I don't like the silver hardware, neckjoint, or headstock, BUT, Damn that finish is nice.
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Holy crap dude awesome!

I saw your Dissimulation video on Youtube, and I came back here to confirm that you were the same person with the Custom Schecter. Damn awesome playing man!

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Nice guitar

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