as the title says, I need help to find/make a tab/chord progression for "On the open road" from "A Goofy Movie".

I think there is an A and a B in there, but I don't know. I need the tabs/chord progression since we are doing a schoolplay in which we are playing this song with a different text. So please, help me out

Here is a youtube video of the song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3q2WTDsKnk
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If anyone know of a midi file to this song, please tell me!

Also: if someone could check out the chord progression again, and/or see if they can find out the little piano fill in the song, and how the bass is played, feel free to help! I will give you +100 internetz!

3 weeks till we are playing this song in the musical!

I Believe the chord progression is something like: E - A - B - F# and A - B - E.
What I need the most help with is the bass part, and what to do with the little fills. Also: The singers feels that the E chord is wrong...
You can also try it in this key then:

[C]Do ya [F]need a break from modern livin'?
Do ya long to shed your weary [Bb]load?
If your [G]nerves are[C] raw
And your [G]brain is [C]fried
Just [G]grab a [C]friend and[G] take a [C]ride
To[G]gether u[C]pon the open [F]road

There's [Bb]nothin' can upset me
'Cause [C]now we're on our [F]way
Our [Bb]trusty map will guide us straight and [F]true

Also when Goofy's nephew sings he may be going up in key...in that instance just transpose the chords I just gave to a step or so higher....

I believe since you are doing this at a schoolplay and the song is probably
obscure to over 99% of your audience at least then playing it in any key that
suits the voices would be fine..... as far as fills and all you can improvise on those as well ...
I mean since you stated you are also changing the words then might as well go in the key you want and throw in anything else that is close to the original....

as far as the bass is concerned since i don't play bass can't he just follow the chords the guitar is playing....

hope some of this helps out..... if not, i tried....
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