Is anyone else really indecisive about making decisions? I always run things through my mind a million times before making a decision, and even when the decision is made I still think about wheter it was right or wrong. Lately, I've just been following my gut and sticking to it, but sometimes that doesn't work either
I'm very indecisive. I usually get over it by just going with the flow, doing what I'm told or asking others what they want to do. If I feel strongly about something I usually decide easily, mind you.
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Yes I am. Wait, no I'm not. Ahhh I'm not sure.

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Not really. I generally make a decision pretty quickly after evaluating pros and cons of either decision.
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Chocolate and Vanilla. <3

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I always rely on some sort of illuminated path for me to take, i make awful decisions...
i couldn't decide whether or not i wanted to go to college until i was already there for a year
You have to learn to turn off your brain. One thing I found out is that one of the things women look for most is decisiveness. They find it damn sexeh.
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Chocolate and Vanilla. <3

Also known as Obama flavor. Not only because of his race but because of how he makes decisions.
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I'm really indecisive when it comes to things that will affect other people. If it will only affect me though, I'll pop off a decision pretty fast
Are you indecisive because you are indifferent?
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Im good at making decisions when I need to, if Im under pressure. But Im usually not, so I take my time

And what ^ said, happens a lot.