As you can see the headstock has a 50's style fender decal to match the aesthetics of the rest of the guitar, this was added by the first owner, it's well applied and lacquered over to match the rest of the neck. The only problem I've had with this guitar is that the bridge plate kept snapping my high e strings when I played hard so I replaced it with a 60's fender duo sonic bridge plate. The original squier barrels are on the bridge and the Squier bridge plate and 60's fender barrels will be posted with the guitar. There's a few dents/nicks in the finnish but nothing too bad.

Here's some pics:

I'm looking for £170 posted for this. I'd be up for trades/part exchange as well so feel free to offer anything you have as I might have it off you

One thing I'm definitely looking for is an EHX cathedral so if you have one of those and would like to sort something out definitely get in touch.