Hey guys! im the the only guitar player playing on friday nights with my band. I was wondering im having such a head ache with my effects pedal, the BOSS gt-5. I can find the lead sound i want, but when i wanna switch to rythem for power chords and what not i gotta bend over and change the setting on the wheel. Anyone have experience with this effect pedal and any tips how i can try to avoid this.
I've never used that exact pedal. Does it have a second channel you can switch to, like an amp? Or why don't you do it on your guitar.

So in one pickup, probably the bridge, you'll have your lead tone, then switch to the neck pickup and dial back a bit on the tone knob?
umm mabe you could get two one set to you rythm sound and one set to you lead sound and switch between them?

im not to familiar with the boss gt-5 but thats the only thing i could think off
Hey guys, I appreciate all the help your givin so far!

This is a link to the web site, with the effect proccesor i have

The pedal comes with default effects on it, and ive been adjusting those and pushing the write command.. but can never find the new custom effect on the pedal! This is my first multi effects processor so that might explain why im such a noob...

I gotta be with my band to practice in 2 hours so hope we can find a solution!!!

Thanks again friends!
The few pedals I use when playing with the band are mounted backwards on the board with the knobs towards me, I have plastic locking cable ties attached to the signal mix knobs so I can easily adjust them with my foot while playing.

I have seen a couple guys just using their foot on the knobs to adjust them, but my feet just aren't that adept at it, especially if the knobs are spaced too close together. Anyway, the cable ties work great.
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