Hello everyone,

I am new here and was a little curious about a purchase I might make.

My boss who runs a music store, is wanting to sell his (I THINK its a Desert Yellow Ibanez S 540 LTD 1989 model). The pickup is configured HSH F1/C2/F2 colored grey. I think what caught my eye was the neck, so freaking slim and fast.

He is a really good guy and needing some xmas money I have a collection building up and I thought this may be a good piece of history to hold on to. I worked in the music store with him for 6 years and taught for 5.

The guitar looks like it is brand new, with a JEM case. I personally never owned ibanez but I know more of the new inventory than the old. He is offering it to me for $300.

What is the value on these guitars these days? I have only really been able to find info about it, but not value. I know its a good deal, but I just want to know more about it that's all.

I appreciate the help!

id take that deal

what bridge is on it?
if it has an origianl edge or edgepro
you take that deal!

just googled it
its a mij ibanez for 300 dollars...get it
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^That's an original Edge - sick trem.

I'd hit it. Old MIJ RG/S are sick value
Do it do it do it!

The case alone is worth like $150!

And the guitar is awesome as well. That is an Original edge, which by itself is worth the other $150 that isn't covered by the case.

Especially for being in such good condition, jump on that.
I have a 1989 ibanez rg 560. Its the same bridge as that guitar. I highly recommend it. IT NEVER GOES OUT OF TUNE. EVER. In 1990 they changed to the lo pro bridge. I dont know what difference that made though.
Definitely worth $300. Awesome color too! Still prefer the AANJ from the s540 guitars made from 1992 onward, but I'd that to my collection in a heartbeat!
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Those routinely go on eBay for $600-800 in decent condition w/ a hard case. Buy it.
Thanks everyone, I'll be posting my next guitar in the acoustic threads.

It has been in a case for like the last 5 years. The store owner isnt a guitar player, he is a keyboardist. Im trying to help him get his beloved hammond B3 with the lesley cabinet