I was in a music store the other day and came across a Washburn Dimebag signiture model.
It was wondering if anyone knows how well these play, especially compared to the deans?
Also, Would you ever pick one up is you found it?
I personally wouldn't get one because I'm not a fan of the Dime model shapes, but the Washburns are a bit of a rare find... They're not amazing guitars from what I've seen and heard, but I haven't come across one in person myself.

People seem to like them more than the Deans, but that isn't saying much.
If you like it get it. They are kinda rare to find in some areas, but they made quite a few of them. What are they asking for it?
Every guitar is diffrent, some play horrible, and some play amazing.
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They were fairly well-regarded guitars at the time. But it’s hardly a new guitar, so you really need to play it.
I was curious about what people thought about them.
I havent really heard people talk about or reccomend the washburn models before.

If I remember correctly, asking price was $350 USD.
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People seem to like them more than the Deans, but that isn't saying much.

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i had two, sold one, and still have one. honestly Washburn is quite underrated. i will probably hold onto the one i have forever. i like dime and will always listen to Pantera, which i was raised on since i was five or six years old. i think i have had seven or so Washburns, i had really good luck with them overall, i kind of clung to Washburn when i first started playing because they were cheaper and i had good luck with them. they always needed a setup, but that's not a real big deal. i not going to come up with bullshit and say there are better than ibanez pristege or PRS or Gibson like that, because they aren't, but they still aren't terrible.

as far as the Washburn dimes, i like them a lot more than dean, they are also far superior instruments. i have played lots of both.

if you like it, get it.