I dont know if this is goin to make sense im not familier with floyds.....the two mounting post for my floyd keep popping up out of the body evey time i put tension on the bridge? what do i do abouth this???

notice how uneven this is the post on the left goes back in place when pressure is applyed but the one on the right stays the same...

here there is no pressure applyed it looks to be even but the black part should be in the body leaving the silver piece stick out too mount the bridge right???????

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It's hard to see in the photos. Is the post itself popping out of the insert or is the insert popping out of the wood? It looks like the latter. It would seem that the inserts are not tight in the wood. You may have to pull them out and glue them back in or shim the holes a little by gluing in thin pieces of wood (toothpicks) and then hammering the insert back in. It depends on just how loose the fit is. Kind of seems like the holes were drilled too large to begin with if both are doing it.
yes its the inserts popping out of the wood....the hole is drilled a bit to loose...im assuming they should be push in the whole way in leaving only the post (silver piece) stick out right?

sorry about the photos the only thing i have is a cell right now..

thanks alot
Pics aren't bad for a cellphone. Yeah all of my Floyd style tremolos have the inserts completely flush. I came up against one that had a loose fit and I pulled the posts and coated them with a white glue (laminate floor glue in my case) then hammered them back in with a block of wood and a mallet. The white glue helps bond them in place but if you need to pull them in the future they'll still come loose without totally ripping the wood out of the guitar.