Easy listening, then a bit of Floyd thrown in, then maybe some Beatles, etc. A mix.


Time is standing quietly.
Girl, this heart is aching.
When the light goes down,
And you’re not around.
Don’t know what to do…
It’s all because of you.

For once in my life I have dreamed,
And you came and I sighed.
Lost in a fairytale world,
Embraced in pure white.

Once again, I’m higher than you can imagine.
Everything happens for a reason.
Everything leads to this…
Because of you.

Forever, holding our hands tight forever.
The pieces are bound, we’re together.
Forging our way to new memories.

Please, carry my burden across the way.
Give me the strength to finally say,
“It’s all because of you…”
“Life’s worth living because of you!”
This sounds similar to another song someone posted a month or two ago.
I'm trying to find the link.