There's a possibility one or two of you may have seen this from back in June. My personal debate to somehow acquire a certain Schecter C/SH-1.

Now being my first semi, it satisfied my desire for one.... for about a week. After doing some research, I ran across that Schecter's brother, the C/SH-12. And naturally, as a sucker for semis, 12 strings, and recently, quite a few Schecter models, I had to have it.

Fast forward to last week. I made the what initially may have been a mistake, by searching for one on Google Shopping, which happens to direct me to a lot of guitar center's used items. One of which, I found to be a hundred dollars less than they normally are. I didn't have the money, like usual, but, hey. Christmas is coming up, right? And my boyfriend happened to be in the vicinity, next thing I knew we were receiving shipping information on it. Normally, I'd protest spending that much on me, but... well... you know... So it seems I had my 11th guitar ordered on 11/11/11

Anyway. Tuesday rolls around, UPS shows up to my shop with a particularly guitar shaped box. Tore it open, unzipped the gig bag, and there it is, in all it's unplayable, dirty glory Let's just say the trip took a toll on the neck, and it was brought into them with some tough dirt that took a while to come off, but nothing I wasn't prepared to tackle. It was a blind buy afterall.

Now, new strings, some cleaning and fingerboard conditioning, other than two minor dents, it's good as new.

Now for some pictures:
Horrible, hey-i-just-got-it picture.

Right after getting it setup.

Flame is a little more visible here, it's a lot sexier in person. It's said to be a veneer, but I can't say I care. At all.

Aaand the brothers.

(current GAS is a long distance relative, the much more rare Jazz-7, or the black C-1 E/A )

As for how it plays and sounds, I couldn't be happier. For a 12-string, it's got a lot of versatility with the coil taps, even if the 12 is a niche sort of thing. Typical Schecter, but it really does offer a lot of different, all very gorgeous, tones. Pups seem like they might be a little hotter than the 6, which is fine by me, honestly, seeing as that's probably the only thing I'd actually consider upgrading in the 6. Feel-wise, it's amazingly comfortable. For me anyway, a lot of people will give Schecter flack for thick necks, but personal preference and all that.

So over all, looks good, sounds great, feels great. Love it.
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I have to admit, the 6 string looks like something that I'd be really interested to try out.
Haven't really got into 12 string instruments so, hard to say anything about them.
Happy New Guitar Day nonetheless.
Gear pics

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I was unaware they made a C-1 12 stringer like that! You should definitely try to find a Jazz-7, or Jazz-6. If not, there's always the Corsair, those are nice looking guitars.

I played a C-1 E/A once, phenomenal guitar for the $400 price tag. That would also be very much worth tracking down!

Enjoy your awesome newish Schecter. HNGD!
Excellent. I've always wanted to dabble with an electric 12 and it's good to know there are more options than a Dean Boca and Rickenbacker. Obviously I'd love the rick but i has no monies for that. anyways HNGD!
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gorgeous!! had no idea schecter made that! wouldnt mind owning one myself!

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