So im not an expert at stuff like this obviusly...

I have a shure sm 57, an tube amp, pod ux1, mic cabe.
When i record with the microphone i plug it in the pod, and plug the pod into the pc.

However, how do i connect the microphone to my amp?? So i can sing into it, and it will come sound from the amp.

Sorry for being noobish
I wouldn't do that to a tube amp if I were you. It'd probably work but not only will it sound like ass, it probably won't do your amp any good.
You would need an XLR to 1/4 inch cable.
It can be done,and can be done well.If your after that sound,the lo-fi,vintage kinda sound,it's perfect.But certainly don't rely on it for anything.It won't do anything to your amp,but it could hurt your speakers,over a long period of time.

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