Hey lads, I have just been offered the aforementioned amps at a fairly reasonable price but I unfortunately won't be able to have a test drive. I play with tones like as the Smiths, Joy Division, Stone Roses and more bluesey stuff like the Black Keys, a bit of punk (think the Stooges) and I also need Fender-ish cleans. Do you think this amp could produce these tones?
I've played one and tried to get those tones out of it. They really aren't in there...the gain channel (it being a solid-state Marshall) is really only usable for metal and very-high-gain rock. The cleans are meh; they don't really "ring" very much. There is no lightly distorted sound in that amp, and Joy Division and Stone Roses are all about light distortion...I wouldn't if I were you.
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Totally wrong amp. A Valvestate can only be used for the types of metal where brittle, harsh and rather disgusting distortion is required. In other words a VS100 only excels at sounding bad.
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