Budget - around £300

Genres - Mainly metal, reasonable cleans don't need anything amazing. Bands- Killswitch Engage, Parkway Drive, August Burns Red, Bullet For My Valentine etc.

New would be very preferable, but for a good deal I'd go used

It'll be used for home use and gigging, not big gigs but gigs all the same

Live in Glasgow, Scotland. Several local music shops and a Guitar Guitar(full of absolute knobs. )

Current gear is a Boss ME-70 and basically a PA, it's a high-end keyboard amplifier so it's working as a PA. Current guitar is the biggest piece of guitar-shaped shit you could ever rest your eyes on. It's an Encore, also third hand, about 15-17 years old I think.

Any help would be much appreciated, I' know the budget isn't much to work with
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GuitarGuitar is full of complete dicks! So is the guitar store next to victor morris. Try Merchant City Music they are cheaper than GuitarGuitar or Southside Music has some really cool second hand guitars and the owner more often than not will give you some money off if you haggle a little or a good deal on stuff.
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smoke weed chill an watvch rugrats errday
I wouldn't be re-tuning, it'd all be in Drop C, I'd use the other guitar if I absolutely needed another tuning
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smoke weed chill an watvch rugrats errday
take a look at the Ibanez RGA42, i have one which i got for 3280 of Thommann and its ace :}
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Those are both great options, though if you use the trem a lot I might shy away from that particular 351 model simply due to the lower quality trem and the fact that it's been used, so there's no telling what's left on that trem blade. However, if you're a "block all my trems" kinda guy, either one would be perfect.

You won't do better than used LTD for metal on a budget, they're really incredible guitars for the money if you're metal-minded.

EDIT - Looked up the trem and realized it's a Floyd Rose Special, which isn't actually that bad...personally I wouldn't be afraid of picking that guitar up unless you're a real trem junkie.
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£300? Have a look around ebay for a used Ibanez RG1570. MIJ. ****ing awesome quality. Best you'll get for £300 by far.
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