I was playing my guitar today and noticed a scratch that's almost an inch long near the bottom of the body. I figure it's from when my roommate kicked my chair yesterday and it bumped my guitar.

What do? here's a picture of it:

Sorry about the blurriness, it's from my cellphone camera
Yeah the picture is very blurry, but it don't look that bad.
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It adds character to the guitar. It was going to happen eventually. Gotta learn to deal with it.

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That's nothing dude. Its bound to happen sooner or later, dumbass roomates or not.

Personally i don't let it bother me.
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My Gibson les Paul is very vulnerable to any sort of damage. It has many bumps everywhere, I've learned to deal with it and suck it up. I am usually sad but I decide to forget about it after 5 minutes. It adds character anyway and it was always gonna happen.

You gonna play it or look at it?

I know the first scratch is devastating... it sucks.. Not much you can do though that won't make it worse...
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As people have said before, guitars tend to scratch, dent, and/or oxidize with age. A guitar's sound won't be affected that major-ly. I suggest that you are always careful with your guitar from now on of you want it to survive for a long time, and also, don't worry about it too much. It's mostly the player's skills after all.
Pretty muchthe srv post. It adds character if it's specially a strat or lp, one of the classics but I wouldn't mind it.
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Man up and bash your guitar some more.

I wouldn't do that.. LOL

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woldnt' do that either.. but keep it in the case when your not using it, and that'll help
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Some Like it
Some don't
I don't care
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The first cut is always the deepest...
It's that way for breaking up, and also for scratching a guitar.
You'll learn to suck it up eventually.
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That's hardly anything, Not very bad at all.
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That's hardly anything, Not very bad at all.

Yeah. I got a chip in my guitar and I can tell you I was angry!
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its not a big deal. guitars get used, guitars get abused, guitars start to show age, and there are scratches and wear on the way. deal with it.

seriously, why do you think SRV's guitars were so beaten up? the answer is likely (i know i cant speak for a dead man RIP SRV) because he liked that guitar so damn much, played it tons and tons and tons, and it got beaten up in the process.

hell look at Willy Nelson's guitar, he has an extra sound hole on the top
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Not to bad man, there's really nothing you can do to fix it, my strat has quite a few dents on the sides and back, after a good couple of decades of playing it it'll be relic to hell anyways, it adds character.
aside from intimidating the room mates into not doing it again by swapping their KY jelly for superglue OR not quite as harsh spicing it up with chilli powder to stop it happening again, let it be, fender make guitars and make them look like their 20 years old, and then sell them for more... you win two ways. you make the room mates think your going to end their sex lives if they ever do anything to you again and you increase you guitars value ;-)
Why would you want your guitars pristine anyway?

Resale value doesn't matter to me, I don't see the point in buying a guitar if you don't keep it for ever.
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