hey, im a guitar player and i want to start an online band (in case you didnt understand the title :P)
im looking for bass player, drummer, vocalist, another guitarist and a keyboardist
not sure about the style, but my main inspirations that should give some way of thought are Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath(biggest inspiration and the reason i play guitar), Anthrax, Pantera, Albert King, and Queen.
note: i never liked the fact that there were overated and underated bandmates, like when a certain bandmate or bandmates are the main show.

so if youre interested respond or pm me
I am pretty interested, but how would it work through the web?
I play lead guitar and can try vocals depending on what genre.
i am interested. i can play guitar(not a very good lead), bass, keyboards, and have a drum track program. I am very interested in the pink floyd and black sabbath influences see as they are pretty much my two favorite bands.