Hi guys,
I just bought a Boss DS-2 Turbo Distortion, Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer and an Ibanez TS7 Tubescreamer. I already have a Dunlop CryBaby and a Zoom G3.

So my question is: what chain/order would you guys suggest? I would use the Zoom G3 mainly for delay, noise gate and looping and occasionally as a flanger or phaser.

I was thinking it would be like this (but I'm a bit of a signal chain noob, I only know the basics):

Boss DS-2 > Ibanez Tubescreamer > Boss CS-3 > Dunlop Crybaby > Zoom G3

Would this be good? What would you suggest?

If I bought a fuzz pedal where would be the best place to put it?
Do a Google search for "guitar pedal order" and most will tell you this = Crybaby > CS-3 > Tube Screamer > DS-2 > Zoom G3
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Do a Google search for "guitar pedal order" and most will tell you this = Crybaby > CS-3 > Tube Screamer > DS-2 > Zoom G3

This, you want your wah first so it is not affected by any distortion/overdrive. Overdrive or distortion next. Personal preference really, but if you are going to used your overdrive for boosting or to add a little bit of dirt. You want OD first so it isn't distorted. special effects last as a rule or else your going to get a swirly overdrive.
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Odd that I happened to see this today... I just spent the afternoon re-arranging my pedal board because I wasn't happy with how it sounded... not sure If I got it right, but I had other things to do so this is what I wound up with...

From the guitar


I use the boost both for a little grit, and to raise the volume when I use the OD for solo's. The distortion I use occasionally
The fuzz face didn't sound good anywhere else (thought about selling it, but I really like how it sounds, but only by itself)
I tried the Wah before distortion, and after, then before the vol pedal, and settled for After.. It's a beatup old Crybaby and not true bypass (at least it doesn't act like it) and thats where it sounded best... Old amp that doesn't have an effects loop,

Didn't mean to Hyjack the thread, but this is my experience with the pedals (and some missing hair today)
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