So hey guys, this is a song I've come up, it's a little long I warn you I made it for the Post-Rock Album thing. It took me a while to write, so I hope you like it, I want some feedback because this is the first thing like this I've done. I haven't had a section centered around screams before, or a section with that many layers of vocals. Plus the whole guitar/post-rock thing is new to me so yeah that's what I'm looking for. I know the screams are a little distorted, I don't have a set up for screams, I just used what I singed into which turned out okay, I was a little unhappy with the ending part of the screams. I got a kind of a Touche Amore thing going on during the verses though which I was happy about I think it's just the end that gets distorted cause I got closer up to sing the next part (which I later moved 8 bars up). Oh well. Anyway, would love your feedback and C4C as always