I'm in the middle of modding an old (free!) Dean V with custom LEDs in the fretboard markers. Well, at least with most of the frets...the previous owner apparently tried to scallop frets 15-22 with little success.

Now my question is for a guitar that I'll play out of sheer novelty, and keep in one tuning (probably standard), can I get away with removing the truss rod? I'm confident after removing the fretboard, that I can make this work with the truss rod in there for the non scalloped frets but if I removed the truss rod, I'd have some extra space to light up even the the scalloped frets.

Thanks in advance.
Do you understand the function of the truss rod? First of all, not sure why you'd want to remove it at all. The truss rod is responsible for providing relief to the neck. Without it, the tension of the strings would cause it to bow forward, making the action quite high and difficult to play - even for a novelty guitar in standard tuning.

I recommend leaving the truss rod in-place, especially if you plan to play it. If you planned to hang it on a wall and never play it, you could remove it, but again, why?