Can anyone help me pick an acoustic electric guitar? I was thinking about the washburn d10sce, yamaha fx370c or the martin dx1rae. which one should i take? (rebecca black moment). I'm open to suggestions.
Yeah but my local music stores have none of these guitars in stock. Like NONE of the ones You or I mentioned. So I'm asking what guitar had everyone satisfied when they first got it, so I can ask them to order it (yes I can't try them out, that's the problem).
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where you live dragon?

in japan duh. jk in Greater Vancouver (Richmond), BC, Canada. I did a recheck, Martin is available, haven't been able to try them out. Actually at Long & McQuade and Tom Lee, they don't show the Martins out because if they're stolen they cost alot, and the Fender Tim Armstrong is special order, so again I'm not able to try them out. Also I live too far from GC because I went to Oregon and back and found out that GC was in Washington or Seattle (IDK my geography )
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