I study at a music college and one of our assignments was to form a tribute band of our choice and then play it live accurately. I and two other guys formed a Blink 182 tribute band, it's all very simple songs and we just wanted to have fun doing it.

We have the gig coming up in a few weeks and recently all the bands in my college now have to work on the image and acting like the band. Everyone is doing their own thing like the Bob Marley band are all dressing up like Jamaicans and the Hendrix band are all dressing up like Hendrix and stereotypical hippies, etc.

My Blink band are planning on wearing just boxers as we played to represent the band live and we think it will be a laugh. Do you think it would go down well? Personally I think everyone would be cool with and have a laugh plus we're really tight on the songs because we all had experience playing them when we first started playing our instrument.

What I'm asking is, how would you guys react if you seen us play in our boxers whilst making boner and dick jokes like Blink?
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I'm not sure about the teachers' opinion of it but if they're cool I'd do it.
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Should be fine. I don't know what school you're at, but teachers at music schools seem to be a little more easygoing about stuff like that. Might want to run it by them first, though, if it counts for a large portion of your grade.
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Might want to run it by them first

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I would run it by them, but your not naked, so It'll probably be fine.