Hi all!

Looking at installing a Lindy Fralin noiseless backplate on my strat.

http://www.fralinpickups.com/bpncs.asp (I'm hoping that link works, I'm on my phone at the moment, if it doesn't I'll fix it when I'm home from work)

Will this do the same job to the same standard as the Suhr backplate system? There is a $200 difference, and $400 for a backplate does seem a little excessive.

I'll have to replace my middle pickup so it's not reverse wound. Is it possible to find the same stock pickup wound the way I need? Do Fender stock them? As I love my current tone, I just hate the hum!

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I bet the people over at the Gear Page would be more familiar with this sort of thing. You'll probably get better answers there. I haven't used either system, personally.