I am thinking of buying a new electric guitar. My options are.
1. ESP LTD M10. Very god reviews. (I may think of the guitar pack if the amp is decent and th extra makes good value sense)

2. Cort M200.

Both are nearly the same price. Lastly, I am also considering the Cort M600, which is a little more expensive.

Can you please advice?

Thanks in advance and much appreciate any help.

Suggestions/alternatives from ESP, CORT, Ibanez, B.C. Rich, Greg Bennett also welcome
My criterias are that they should be in the $200-250 range. Fixed bridge. No double locking.

I will buy my guitar in a city called Pune in India.

Also, I plan to learn and play alot of Metallica, Iron Maiden, Megadeth and mostly music of this type.

Thanks again.
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Save a little more and get an M100.
Stay away from Cort!
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Hi, I am looking for an amp setting close to the sound of bands like Black Veil Brides.

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Set everything to 12 o'clock.

Go from there.


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