Hello there acoustic guitar players. I have a chance to pick up a Martin Shenandoah acoustic electric for $600. I'm trying to find a little more info on a 1986 Martin Shenandoah D 3532. What I really want to know is what is the difference between a regular Martin and a Shenandoah Martin. Also is it an all wood guitar ?
japanese built parts, built in Pa.. spruce top with laminate back and sides. built from 83 to 96. very muffled bass from what i read. most are going for 400us tops. higher models loke the 6732 ony hit 450.
It looks like a really nice guitar. Has nice white binding around it and the guy said the wood has aged nicely so would that make it sound better ?
for 600 bucks you can get a great yamaha or seagull that all "real" wood, no laminates. even on ebay you can pick up a better authentic martin for that if your patient. i love ovations but i wouldnt buy the cheaper korean made ones just because the have the ovation logo on them. i love good low end bass in my guitars and wouldnt get one that made it sound like it was playing thru a pile of used toilet paper! shenandoah it's martin's ugly step-sister.
I bought a Martin D2832 Shenandoah in 1986 and used it for more than 20 years. It matured well in terms of its tone. It does have an under-saddle piezo pickup, although it didn't sound great, but with a preamp it might be fine. The one problem I had with it was intonation- it never played in tune properly which became more and more of a problem as my ear improved. I finally had to go to a regular D28 about three years ago, which was expensive but has nearly perfect intonation. I only paid about $600 new for that D2832, and they don't necessarily appreciate in value the way other Martins do, so unless you can get them to come down on price, I would advise you to keep looking. If you can save your pennies, keep an eye out for a used Martin D28 or D35 that's scuffed up or cracked; if it plays OK it will still have great tone and you'll have a nice piece of history, never mind the aesthetics. Or there are many solid wood guitars available new for the $1000 range.
Thanks guys I finally found a video of one being played and you are both right about the sound. Also I will keep an eye out for a D28. I'm already saving up money.