I've been listening to a lot of Jeff Beck and kind of want to busk doing some of the dancey rocky industrial things that he did, but I think I'm going to need more than a guitar for this to come across well.

I'd like to be able to program different beats, and different sounding beats so that I can get different sounds for different songs. I was thinking of using a laptop, but I don't want to have to take it with me everywhere due to expense if it gets damaged/ rained on/ crashes etc. I also thought about just writing the drums into something like garageband and then using it on my ipod and playing over that, but if I'm just playing to backing tracks, then it seems to take away some of the credibility of being able to program drums on the fly.

I was thinking of something like Ed Alleyene Johnson, the violinist, because he has some sort of drum pad that he taps out rhythms on, but I don't know how he gets them to loop and I don't know how he gets all the different sounds he does since all the ones I've seen seem to have really crap sounds attached.

tl;dr Anyone got any ideas how i could rig up some cool drum beats for low cash input?
Find someone that plays a drum!
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You need to decide if you want drums and looping, or just looping drums before the question can be answered. If just drums then a drum machine is fine. I got a Boss DR-5 used for $60. Works great.
Stomp boxes work really well.
You could also throw a mic in your guitar case, close it, and use that as your stomp box. Just have a sizable hat beside for the money if you're busking for some cash.

On a side note, the BOSS DD-7 has a very effective - albeit very simple - loop function. I use it and it works really really well. Would work for beat boxing!
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